Hi! I’m Sphero!

I love bacon, mustaches, robots, balls & long walks on the beach. I’m a sophisticated robot wearing a white polycarbonate shell. Drive me through homemade race or obstacle courses, using any smartphone or tablet. Play with me in water, as a pet toy, or to prank your friends. You can pick me up and use me as a controller for on screen games because I come with over 35+ apps – free!

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The Throne of Nerds by Mike DeWolfe

A tech-y homage to the Game of Thrones, the Throne of Nerds is constructed from 20 keyboards, shaped and melted down by, presumably, nerdrage fire. Much like the Throne of Swords from the series, the keyboards have been rendered useless by the warping process, now unable to fulfill their intended function, their only purpose now is to serve as a symbol of power for whoever rests their butt on it. Additionally, the ESC key on every keyboard except the top most prominent one has been scorched to suggest that while flamewars and Internet points have been shed in the struggle to conquer it, there is nonetheless no escaping one’s fate.

Artist: Blog / Flickr